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New Year, New You: Move
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In week four of the Okanagan Regional Library's New Year, New You Challenge, take some time to add movement and play into your life. Before starting any new exercise routine, please make sure to check with your primary care physician.,_new_you_move
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The Joy of Movement The Joy of Movement
How Exercise Helps Us Find Happiness, Hope, Connection, and Courage
eBook - 2019
Accessible Yoga Accessible Yoga
Poses and Practices for Every Body
Book - 2019
613.7046 HEY
Sit Strong Sit Strong
Everyday Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen your Posture
Book - 2018
Hardie Grant Books
613.71 GRI
Stretches in Bed Stretches in Bed
50 Practical Stretches to Better Rest, Awakening and Wellness
Book - 2012
Thump the World Publishing
610 FUL
Walking Walking
One Step at A Time
Book - 2019
Vintage Books
796.51 KAG
Better Stretching Better Stretching
9 Minutes A Day to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance, the JoeTherapy Way
Book - 2020
St. Martin's Essentials
613.7182 YOO
Yoga Myths Yoga Myths
What You Need to Learn and Unlearn for A Safe and Healthy Yoga Practice
Book - 2020
613.7046 LAS
In Praise of Paths In Praise of Paths
Walking Through Time and Nature
Book - 2020
Greystone Books
796.51 EKE
Spark Spark
The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
Book - 2013
Little, Brown Spark
612.76 RAT
24 Ways to Move More 24 Ways to Move More
Monthly Inspiration for Health and Movement
Book - 2020
613.7 TSO
Moving Stretch Moving Stretch
Move your Fascia to Free your Body
Book - 2017
North Atlantic Books
613.7182 WYL
1,500 Stretches 1,500 Stretches
The Complete Guide to Flexibility and Movement
Book - 2017
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
613.7182 LIE
Pilates for Everyone Pilates for Everyone
50 Poses for Every Type of Body
Book - 2021
DK Publishing
613.7192 HAV
Beginner Tai Chi for Health Beginner Tai Chi for Health
Mirror-view Exercises
DVD - 2019
YMAA Publication Center
613.7148 BEG
Fitness Hacks for Over 50 Fitness Hacks for Over 50
300 Easy Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Life
eBook - 2020
Yoga Yoga
The Path to Holistic Health
Book - 2014
DK Publishing
613.7046 IYE
Yoga Happy Yoga Happy
Simple Tools and Practices for Everyday Calm & Strength
Book - 2022
Quadrille, an imprint of Hardie Grant Publishing
613.7046 BAR
Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga
Relax. Restore. Re-energize
Book - 2020
DK Publishing
613.7046 BAG
Gentle Yoga for Beginners Gentle Yoga for Beginners DVD - 2021
BayView Entertainment
613.7046 GEN
Relieving Stress With Yoga Relieving Stress With Yoga DVD - 2020
613.7046 REL
Yoga Yoga
Mastering The Basics : Flexibility, Strength & Balance, Deepen & Strengthen
DVD - 2004
Himalayan Institute
DVD 613.7046 YOG
Yoga With Adriene - YouTube Yoga With Adriene - YouTube
Web Resource
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